What’s unique about an NSGA golf event?

All NSGA events are social and competitive. Our intent is to offer a very special golf experience for amateur players. We provide a golf tournament where the best players and the best net players can demonstrate their skill. And where other players can win prizes as well. We set ourselves apart by providing a wonderful atmosphere for senior golfers and any non-golfing companions who accompany them.

How do you choose your golf event locations?

First we listen to our members. Where do our players want to play? Where do our members want to vacation? Then, where can we get a perfect combination of golf, accommodations, dining, and sightseeing? We look for the golf course (or courses) that everyone wants to play. And each of our locations must offer great food, a great spa and real comfort as found at four star rated resorts and hotels.

What is included in an NSGA golf package? And what is not included?

At every golf event, we always include lodging (including resort fees and taxes); golf green fees, cart fees (whenever carts are available), and all practice fees; fine dining experiences at our opening and closing dinners with cocktails; all breakfasts; gifts for attendees, prizes for our winners, and, very importantly, a wonderful hospitality suite after each round of golf. Our non-playing companions (known as social attendees) participate in two social outings which will usually include a visit to the spa and lunches.

Sometimes, depending on the venue, we include caddies, optional rounds, added golf events like par 3 contests and group social events. NSGA golf event packages do not include travel costs to and from the event (unless otherwise indicated). Dinners on days when we are not holding a group dinner are not included. We do not include lunch. Guests are asked for their credit card by the resort front desk which is used for any incidentals purchased.

Please explain your golf tournament format. How are winners determined?

We generally play a three-round stroke play golf tournament following USGA rules with only a few local and organizational modifications. For instance, in the interest of time, we do not invoke stroke and distance penalties which would force players to return to their previous location and re-hit.

Each golf event will have a Men’s Champion and a Women’s Champion (lowest stroke total). Each event will also have a Men’s and Women’s Net Champion and Runner-up. We use fully adjusted handicaps, established and verified at our event opening reception. Depending upon the composition of each golf event, we will establish Super-Senior Men and Women flights and will reward first and second place winners for each.

Net players with higher handicaps can, and frequently do, win in their divisions (Senior, Super Senior, etc.).

Some of your prices seem high. How do you determine your price?

NSGA pricing is always dependent on the price of the resort and the price of golf. If the course is expensive (think of Pebble Beach) then our golf event will be more costly. Note that we deliver gourmet dining at our opening and closing receptions and that we normally provide an open bar and fine wines at each.

We make a very sincere effort to keep our prices as low as possible. In addition, we always mix in some lower-priced golf events in our yearly calendar as we try to appeal to all tastes. And if a guest requests simpler, less costly accommodations at a scheduled event, we try our best to make that happen.

Note — NSGA will never be able to match the price of a guys’ trip to Myrtle Beach. That isn’t what we offer. (But we are not adverse to participating in one of these, if we’re asked!)

Why should I become a member of NSGA and how much does it cost?

Members receive the lowest possible pricing for any golf event they attend. Additional member benefits, like discounts and free subscriptions, are in the works.

Membership dues are intended to offset the price of operating NSGA, planning golf events, and keeping members informed.

The cost to become a member for one year is $75. Renewals cost $50 per year but renewals must be completed within one month of expiration date to qualify for the renewal price.

Some guests tell us: “I’m not a very good golfer,” or “I don’t have a handicap,” and ask, “Should I attend? Will I be comfortable?”

Yes you should attend and yes you will be very comfortable. Just bring along your last few scorecards and we will determine a fair handicap for you. And that handicap can be very large, if that’s what it should be. You could even be our net champion if you happen to play well that week. We have great fun at our golf events and the golf is only a part of the entertainment. Everyone is welcome.

How do you qualify to be a senior golfer? Must you be a senior to be a member or to attend an NSGA golf event?

You become a senior on January 1st of the year in which you will turn 50 years old.

No you do not have to be a senior golfer to be a member or attend an NSGA golf event. But, if you are not yet fifty, you cannot win or finish second in an NSGA golf event. We encourage our members to bring their golf playing sons and daughters to our events. It is a great way to spend quality time together.